Transform and visualize information from different platforms in a more organized, functional and automated way for the different areas and countries of the company, unified in 3 types of reports: Digital, Rating and TGI

To achieve this objective, the different platforms had to be connected and we had to understand what information was allowed and how we could perform the extraction of said information from the applications according to the variables that were important for the users of the dashboards.

From the information extracted and uploaded initially, homologation and transformation processes are carried out for the creation of resulting tables that must have the appropriate structure so that when connecting with a visualizer it can generate the graphs in an effective way in addition to having an automated process and periodic that will be hosted in the cloud and can be consulted at any time. 2 of the reports were connected and graphed in the viewer designated by the client.

As part of the project, the design of the funds for each report was made along with the general graphic guidelines according to the company's identity manual in order to generate a graphic unity in the dashboards.

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